On The Rise (teaser)
  • Tile Proc
    Tile Proc
    A close up of a very large tile procedure image.
  • My Green Friend
    My Green Friend
    Praying mantis sitting upon a Madagascar palm
  • Glenroselip
    An anagram for Spellegrino logo.
  • Honeycomb
    A honeycomb shaped docking port.
  • Daily Show Intro Remake
    Daily Show Intro Remake
    Mirrored split sphere inside a larger split sphere.
  • Spherical Gravity
    Spherical Gravity
    A set of particles attracted to a spherical gravity field.
  • Nova Class
    Nova Class
    An open source starship moving through volumetric clouds.
  • Aranciata Remake
    Aranciata Remake
    Hand drawn elements, photography, and animated masking.
  • Motorbike
    z-stacked cards with particle systems and depth of field.
  • The Chicago Scene
    The Chicago Scene
    Buildings along a spherical surface with self animating birds.
  • Displace Planet With Clouds
    Displace Planet With Clouds
    A planet sculpted out of a sphere using procedural textures.
  • Metaball Displace Architecture
    Metaball Displace Architecture
    Using metaballs, boolean slice and displace mapping.
  • Fiber Star
    Fiber Star
    Created by a python script running inside Blender.
  • Dunny Sunday
    Dunny Sunday
    A whimsical animated exploration of some dunny characters.